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AVG Antivirus Software

AVG were founded back in 1991 and currently have over 200 million users worldwide and provide antivirus software of comparable quality to any top of the range antivirus software companies worldwide.

There product range has extended to 24 different quality products over the years and offer antivirus solutions for any device that is connected to the internet, there products are compatible for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Having been established since 1991 they have a great understanding of what there customers are looking for and the products reflect this with reliable and effective antivirus software, these platforms are easy to use and manage.

Malware protection is included and this will detect and remove malicious code before any harm can come to your computer or files, spyware runs in the background and detects and removes any spyware that can access passwords or your credit card details.

AVG Interface

Built in real time protection monitors any file or software downloads from the internet and removes malicious downloads before they can attack your system these malicious codes can be hidden in legitimate files or software and when installed on your system can cause destruction of files.

Regular scanning of your system files and software can be completed automatically by selecting the interface settings or you can scan any file or software manually at any time you wish, adware detection and removal is also standard.

Customer support is very important to AVG and they like to take care of there customers needs, included with your antivirus protection is live online chat and phone support, social media support is also an AVG specialty through Face Book and Twitter accounts.

AVG provide a free version of there premium antivirus software there are limitations to the free version but you still get essential protection from viruses, spyware and malware you can scan your computer for performance issues and are protected from unsafe links, downloads and email attachments updates are also available for the free version.

AVG premium version has so much more to offer in ways of protecting your system and files, besides virus protection, malware and spyware protection you get real time security updates which include protection for the latest threats, Trojans and worms, block spam and phishing emails, 24/7 customer support, enhanced firewall protection and includes antivirus pro for your Android devices.