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Kaspersky security
Kaspersky were founded back in 1997 and provide top of the line internet security packages around the world, there software products are available in 200 countries and territories and currently provide there services to 400 million users globally.
Kaspersky product range is extensive they provide internet security, malware protection, spyware and password management protection there excellent software design and effecient performance is what makes them stand out from the competition check out there great range of security products Kaspersky antivirus software.
There antivirus software provide an easy to use interface and the software is designed for minimal impact on your computers system performance so performing scans while still working with your computer is achievable, some antivirus software can interfere with the systems performance we do not see this with Kaspersky software.
 The virus detection rate of Kaspersky antivirus software is one of the best and most effective available, they provide adjustable settings with the software interface so you can fine tune the available protection to best suit your needs.
Kaspersky Protection
As with most of the top of the line antivirus programs you are totally protected from malware, spyware and viruses that can infect your operating system and cause potenial damage and data lose, real time protection is standard which filters out any problems as they arise.
Kaspersky have designed there software to be compatible to a large range of products, you can get protection for Windows operating systems, Mac operating systems, IPhone and IPad, Android and Linux systems so what ever device you want protected you are covered.
Customer Support
Customer support is provided through email support, live chat and phone support and is available 24/7 so help is close to hand should you run into any installation or software problems along the way.
Apart from there antivirus software Kaspersky sell a large range of related software packages a VPN secure connection can be purchased for $6.99/month this protects your communications, privacy and data so you get a better and more secure online experience.
Kaspersky provide a password manager which is great if you have a vast amount of passwords on your operating system the manager gives you easy access to your accounts and provides a secure vault for password storage like credit card and bank account details, get Kaspersky internet security today.