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Malwarebytes is not antivirus software as such there software is specifically designed to detect and remove malware only from your computers system so this software will lack some features that are available with full antivirus software.
As this software is designed specifically for malware detection and removal malwarebytes remains one of the top performers in this area they get great ratings for there design and effectiveness of malware protection for personal computers.
 Malwarebytes provide a free version of there anti malware software but this version is very limited in what can be achieved with the pro version, with the free version real time protection and scanning is not possible which can lead to infected files or software finding its way into your computers system.
malwarebytes Security
Features for this software include Malware detection and removal which this software does a great job, spyware detection and removal, the software will block any phishing websites and you get real time protection with the pro version only, these features are standard on most antivirus software packages and provide a complete security suite to protect your computer. 
Customer support is very limited through Malwarebytes they do provide a FAQ section on there website and also detailed guides on how to fix the most common problems, but this means trying to sort out these problems for your self, if you have a major problem you will need to try and email then for support.
Malwarebytes free edition is available for one device only and is compatible with Windows operating system to be compatible with Mac, Android and Chrome systems you need to purchase the premium version, the scan capabilities are also limited in the free version and you will not get real time protection.
Malwarebytes premium subscription can be purchased for one year or a two year subscription at a 25% discount on the second year, the premium version is compatible for most internet devices you can run automatic scheduled scans, protection for viruses, spyware and malware and prevention of ransomware attacks.